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Map of the Week: Pennsylvania’s Gaslands

 Active gas wells across Pennsylvania 2003 & 2014  Credit: PennLive’s series on fracking “The Shale Bargain” It seems like almost every day a new study or investigative report comes out of Pennsylvania’s Gaslands. They confirm … Read More

Map of the Week: Widespread, systemic contamination of EPA by oil and gas industry

In a draft report 5 years in the making, the EPA has confirmed that fracking does indeed contaminate drinking water, a fact the oil and gas industry has vehemently denied. But instead of dismantling the … Read More

Video of the Week: Join the Global Frackdown

On Monday, the Federal Energy Regulation Committee (FERC) approved the first east coast liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Cove Point, Maryland right on the Chesapeake Bay. Despite massive citizen opposition to fracking, the oil … Read More

Video of the Week: The Solutions Grassroots Tour Trailer

Solutions Grassroots Trailer. Show coming to Brooklyn 9/21-9/26 from JFOX on Vimeo. This summer we had two workshop performances of our newest project, The Solutions Grassroots Tour, in Callicoon and Oneonta, New York. These communities … Read More

Video of the Week: Mixing Oil and Water

Fracking the last best place The moment that stood out for me the most in today’s Video of the Week is a quick clip of an activist sign that says ‘Don’t Frack the Last Best … Read More

Video of the Week: The Sky is Pink

THE SKY IS PINK by Josh Fox and the GASLAND Team from JFOX on Vimeo. The scientific evidence proving that fracking is a threat to our health, environment and communities is overwhelming. Study after study … Read More

Video of the Week: No Holiday for Democracy

On Memorial Day, fractivists in Illinois headed to their state capital to fight for democracy. A bit of background- on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend, the Illinois House Executive Committee voted to pass a … Read More

Video of the Week: “Why I Disrupted the Pennsylvania Democratic Gubernatorial Debate”

Our video of the week features an incredible fractivist from Pennsylvania forcing her state’s politicians to face the truth about fracking. During a PA Democratic Gubernatorial Debate, Liz Arnold took a stand when she realized … Read More

Video of the Week: Fracked Oil “Bomb Train”

Our Video of the Week is only about a minute long, but it says a lot. Activists in Virginia have been fighting to keep fracking out of the George Washington National Forest only to have … Read More

Video of the Week: Josh Fox’s special Earth Day appearance on MSNBC

Our video of the week is Josh’s special appearance on All in With Chris Hayes on MSNBC on Earth Day. Josh’s segment begins around 9:55. During the interview Josh asks, “What’s money worth when there is … Read More

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