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Not From Gasland Journal: Power Shift

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The story didn’t end with Gasland Part II.  It continues everyday.  Josh, the Gasland team and myself, want to bring that story to you in an exciting new form, The Not From Gasland Journal. From … Read More

Hurricane Exxon remembered. “Occupy Sandy” short film by Josh Fox

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One year ago today Hurricane Sandy hit.  A superstorm amped up by a warming climate. On this day we have to remember those who died  and those who lost everything. But more than just remembrance, … Read More


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Premieres July 8th at 9pm (8pm in some time zones) Watch and share!

The Sky Is Pink

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Dear Friends, Please check out my new short film The Sky Is Pink Also, please see below the recent Op-Ed written by me and Barbara Arindell for the Albany Times-Union: Recently, politicians and publications have conditionally … Read More

Save the Delaware River!

Event Date: 21/11/2011

Dear Friends: The Delaware is the river that runs through the heart of the film GASLAND. We’ve kept drilling and fracking out of the river basin for the past three and a half years. Now … Read More

Josh Fox on Democracy Now!

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Dear Fracktivists- So many of us were working incredibly hard to stop the Keystone XL pipeline and we won this round.  I got arrested in front of the White House.   Almost all of my … Read More

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