On Memorial Day, fractivists in Illinois headed to their state capital to fight for democracy.

A bit of background- on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend, the Illinois House Executive Committee voted to pass a measure that would fast-track fracking in Illinois, allowing fracking in the state before the Illinois Department of Natural Resources finished the rule making process.

The measure would circumvent democracy, ignoring 36,000 public comments the IDNR received on the state’s proposed fracking rules and create a fracking sacrifice zone in Southern Illinois. 

A hearing on the legislation was set for Monday, Memorial Day. Despite the clear attempt to cut the people of Illinois out of the process, citizens showed up, demanding that their voices be heard.

Community groups attending the hearing included Illinois People’s Action, SAFE, IIRON student network, The People’s Lobby and Sierra Club of Illinois.

The legislation died, failing to get enough support to pass. And as Illinois People’s Action say in the video

“Oil and Gas tried to fast track fracking, but the people fought back and won thus proving once again that organizing works!”

Keep organizing. It works.

- Lee Ziesche, Gasland Grassroots Coordinator