Our video of the week is Josh’s special appearance on All in With Chris Hayes on MSNBC on Earth Day. Josh’s segment begins around 9:55.

During the interview Josh asks, “What’s money worth when there is no civilization?”

The anti-fracking movement knows the answer to this question better than anyone.

We prove that civilization and community is worth more than money every single day. We come together to help fight for not only our own health, safety and environment, but the health, safety and environment of our neighbors next door to us and those half way around the world.

We do this every day, not just Earth Day. 

Seeing the anti-fracking community in action gives us faith and motivation that we the people can bring about the change necessary to move our country to 100% renewable energy.

We’re not going to wait around until it’s profitable for Exxon Mobil and Shell to start worrying about climate change. 

We are doing it now. And we’re doing in a democratic, community-oriented way.

I hope you had a lovely Earth Day and have a great weekend.

-Lee Ziesche, Gasland Grassroots Coordinator.