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Video of the Week: To change everything, it takes everyone.

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After we march together on the 21st, we start building the future together on the 22nd. Solutions Grassroots Tour six New York City shows only! Monday September 22nd- Friday September 26th Irondale Center, Brooklyn Tickets … Read More

Video of the Week: Mixing Oil and Water

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Fracking the last best place The moment that stood out for me the most in today’s Video of the Week is a quick clip of an activist sign that says ‘Don’t Frack the Last Best … Read More

Video of the Week: The Sky is Pink

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THE SKY IS PINK by Josh Fox and the GASLAND Team from JFOX on Vimeo. The scientific evidence proving that fracking is a threat to our health, environment and communities is overwhelming. Study after study … Read More

Video of the Week: Star Spangled Banjo at the Grand Canyon

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Josh Fox Star Spangled Banjo at the Grand Canyon

Star Spangled Banjo at the Grand Canyon from JFOX on Vimeo. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY EVERYONE! (Independence from fossil fuels, that is) We’re so proud to be working with you all to end our country’s dependence … Read More

It’s time for democratic, renewable energy.

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We’ve never been more ready to power our world on 100% renewable energy as we are today. Science tells us it’s possible. Mark Jacobson of The Solutions Project has even given us roadmaps of how … Read More

Video of the Week: Maryland Rises to Stop Cove Point

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The world’s energy paradigm is shifting. We’re running out of conventional oil, coal and gas, leaving us with two choices: 1. We can move towards polluting extreme energy extraction like fracking, tar sands, deep-water drilling … Read More

A tribute to a great man, Terry Greenwood.

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Terry Greenwood was one of the most compelling people you could ever listen to.  There was just something about the way he spoke, there was a decency and a positivity that shone through every word … Read More

Video of the Week – Scientists: Tests prove fracking to blame for flaming Parker County wells

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We’ve seen it before (like in Gasland Part II), scientific evidence proves that drilling and fracking contaminated ground water, but then the industry swoops in with their misinformation campaigns and pressure on regulatory agencies, and … Read More

Video of the Week: No Holiday for Democracy

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On Memorial Day, fractivists in Illinois headed to their state capital to fight for democracy. A bit of background- on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend, the Illinois House Executive Committee voted to pass a … Read More

Video of the Week: Turning the Tables

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Josh Fox has been the target of vicious misinformation campaigns before. You can read about them here and here. But if you haven’t heard what happened this week stop right now and watch this: The … Read More

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