The world’s energy paradigm is shifting. We’re running out of conventional oil, coal and gas, leaving us with two choices:

1. We can move towards polluting extreme energy extraction like fracking, tar sands, deep-water drilling and mountain top removal – you know, burn too many fossil fuels, and cook our planet into an unlivable blob.

Or 2. We can move towards clean, democratically sourced renewable energy. 

The people of Maryland, and many more from neighboring states, are unequivocally choosing renewable energy over locking us into decades more of fossil fuel development. But the gas industry wants to keep us addicted. They are proposing to build a liquefied natural gas plant at Cove Point, Maryland to export fracked gas.

The science is clear. We need to leave the remaining fossil fuels in the ground to avoid continued global warming and pollution. 

Sounds like the perfect time to switch to renewables, right?

But the fossil fuel industry is hell bent on squeezing every last drop of fossil fuels from our planet, even if that means poisoning local communities and throwing our world into catastrophic climate change.

Sign up now to join thousands in Washington D.C. on July 13th to say NO to fracked gas exports and the continued development of fossil fuels. 

It’s up to us to make the right choice and move our country down the path to renewable energy.

This is about more than saying no, it’s about saying yes to a more livable, democratic future.

Thanks and enjoy the longest, sunniest day of the year this weekend,

Lee Ziesche, Gasland Grassroots Coordinator

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