Families across the country have been harmed in the mad rush to frack for oil and gas. Their stories have served as a warning to many about what it is truly like to have a fracking well or compressor station as a neighbor.

Mysterious illnesses, buried toxic waste, dying livestock, contaminated water, unbreathable air and radioactive streams - Shalefield Stories Vol. 2 captures these real life horrors in a moving booklet.

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Two of the accounts in Shalefield Stories are about the tragic working conditions in the oil and gas fields. These stories are also featured in Josh Fox’s powerful short, GASWORK, The Fight for C.J.’s Law.

More people need to hear these stories. The folks living on the frontlines of fracking need your help.

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About Friends of the Harmed & Shalefeld Stories:

Friends of the Harmed, a non-profit project of the Thomas Merton Center, compiled and published the latest periodical of Shalefield Stories, Vol 2. Knicknamed the “Good Samaritans of Fracking” by the Baltimore Fishbowl, (www.baltimorefishbowl.com/stories/frackings-good-samaritans/ ) their citizen journalists and volunteers collaborate with public-health researchers, environmental organizations, and grassroots groups to bring their work and truth about fracking to the public. Our families share their struggles in hopes of others not having to suffer the same fate.

Direct aid to affected individuals and families in SWPA is made possible through public donations for the book and their volunteer fieldwork. Friends of the Harmed, a small non profit that working in the heart of the Marcellus Gasfields of Southwest PA, is devoted to raising awareness and funds to combat the negative affects of fracking on communities’ health and democracy. All of the donations raised from Shalefield Stories provides direct aid to local families and communities impacted across Southwestern PA, in the form of replacement water, air scrubbers and independent air and water testing.

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Share Shalefield Stories with your elected officials and neighbors. Let them hear from the people who have been harmed by fracking.

Thanks, Lee Ziesche, Grassroots Coordinator