Credit: ERIK McGREGOR for Sane Energy Project

On Thursday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed Port Ambrose, a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal off of Jones Beach.

This is an incredible victory for the climate justice movement.

As you can see from the video, it took creative, relentless organizing and a lot of folks showing up to rallies and public hearings to make this happen. We thank all the grassroots groups and individuals who made this victory possible!

New York was presented with an important choice. In the same area as the Port Ambrose LNG terminal, an offshore wind farm has been proposed.

We could build Port Ambrose, committing to more fracked-gas use. Or we could build one of the largest offshore wind farms in the country, proving New York is a leader on climate change and renewable energy.

Governor Cuomo made the right choice and put the safety of New York citizens first.

Defeating Port Ambrose doesn’t mean an automatic victory for the Long Island- New York City Offshore Wind Project. The public needs to come together and support offshore wind on mass they way they did to oppose LNG. But every fossil fuel defeat makes 100% renewable energy more of a reality.

We thank Governor Cuomo for saying no this dangerous project and now ask that he listen to the many communities across the state that are speaking out against fracked-gas infrastructure like pipelines, compressor stations, power plants and gas storage facilities that threaten their health and safety.

We ask that all elected officials, from town supervisors to state governors to President Obama, listen to your citizens that are being harmed by fracking, other forms of extreme fossil fuel development and climate change.

Listen to communities like the Rockaways that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. We are feeling the impacts of climate change now. No more fossil fuel development, 100% renewable energy now.

Lee Ziesche, Grassroots Coordinator