There are many ways to look at the destruction fracking is causing. Often we focus on the science concerning public health, the impacts of air pollution and water contamination.

Our Video of the Week looks at the destruction from the perspective of Native Americans, particularly The Blackfeet Nation in North Central Montana where unemployment hovers at 70%.

The exploitation of Native Americans in this country is nothing new, and now many tribes face landmen trying to take advantage of the extreme poverty of their people to gain access to frack tribal lands.

If we are going to stop fracking and move to a renewable energy future we must come together with all people who are being put on the fossil fuel chopping block.  We must learn from each other and stand united.

And who better to learn from than people who have been deemed ‘expendable’ for centuries yet persevered and remained steadfast in their traditions of environmental stewardship.

Please watch and share our Video of the Week.

And stand with our Native American allies by signing these two important petitions:

1. Cancel Oil and Gas Leases on Sacred Montana Lands

2.Tell Congress: Repeal the giveaway of a holy Native American site to a foreign mining company Don’t mine sacred Native American land in Arizona.

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Lee Ziesche, Grassroots Coordinator

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