Showing bold leadership that few US Governors have, including supposed climate leaders like Governor Jerry Brown in California, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo listened to the science on fracking and put public health over fossil fuel interests, banning fracking in New York State.

The New York fracking ban is a historic victory for grassroots democracy and science, but New York is not safe from fracking yet.

Dozens of fracking infrastructure projects that carry many of the same risks as drilling to public health and the environment are proposed all over the state. Pipelines, compressor stations, gas storage facilities, fracked-gas power plants and LNG ports threaten to trap New York communities in a dangerous web of fracked-gas infrastructure.

Our Video of the Week shows how communities are coming together to oppose one of these projects, the North East Direct pipeline (NED) and asks Governor Cuomo to put the health and safety of New Yorkers first, and stop fracked-gas infrastructure they way he did fracking.

The NED pipeline will transport gas fracked in Pennsylvania through New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire to Dracut, Massachusetts and will have no benefits for the communities it crosses.

Many fracking companies are struggling under massive debt now and are banking on building these pipelines so they can export the gas and make a profit again. Building pipelines like NED and the Constitution Pipeline means our friends in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia will continue to get fracked to hell and there will constantly be pressure on New York to reverse its fracking ban.

It’s time New York says No Fracking Way once and for all.

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Lee Ziesche, Grassroots Coordinator