When the oil and gas industry comes to town, they like to brag about the benefits fracking will bring to the local economy.

We’ve seen this myth unravel again and again. Whether it’s Chesapeake Energy stiffing folks on royalties or local Pennsylvanians telling us there were a few jobs for them at first in the oil and gas fields being drilled in their own backyards but they quickly got phased out by guys from Texas, it’s clear fracking is not the local economic savior the industry makes it out to be.

The residents of Denton, Texas are seeing what fracked communities from Pennsylvania to Colorado are seeing. Adam Briggle says it all in our video of the week, “We get the off the book costs, the pollution, the spills, the noise, ozone and doctors bills, the truck traffic, lost property values and blowouts while the lion’s share of the wealth pours out of town.”

And they’re fed up. They’ve tried to regulate fracking to keep wells away from their homes and schools, but they’ve discovered what others across the country have. The only way to keep our communities safe is to ban fracking.

Frack Free Denton has gathered more than the required signatures to put their fracking ban initiative on the November ballot. A ban in Texas, an oil and gas state, would be an incredible victory for the entire anti-fracking movement.

Please watch and share this great short by Adam Briggle of the Denton Drilling Awareness Group that simply, but effectively lays out the facts and destroys the myth that fracking is helping the local community of Denton.

Lee Ziesche, Gasland Grassroots Coordinator