Our video of the week features one of the youngest and most inspiring Fractivist that we’ve ever met.

Siena is a 10 year old Fractivist from California.  She’s a strong, motivated young lady on a mission to ban fracking, at local, state and national levels.

To spread awareness about these issues, she has given Tedx speeches, lobbied State Legislators, given speeches to Democratic clubs throughout Southern California, and has spoken at Rallies at the Governor’s office, the Federal Courthouse, Cal State Long Beach, and the most recent nationwide Climate Action March – to encourage California Governor Brown, President Obama, and other elected officials about the urgent need to take action now before it is too late and any more irreversible damage is done.  She firmly believes that every single person can help to make a difference, given the right tools and information.

From Siena: “Everyone’s action today directly impacts tomorrow.  If you want your children and grandchildren to have clean water to drink, clean food to eat, and clean air to breathe – then FRACKING MUST BE BANNED NOW!”


California Fractivist, like Siena, are making their voices heard. Los Angles City Council unanimously voted to write a moratorium on fracking and thousands of Californians will come together on March 15th for a rally in Sacramento to tell Governor Jerry Brown to ban fracking.  As California faces a record drought, it’s more apparent than ever that fracking is not the answer. Please share this video and amplify Siena’s message to Governor Jerry Brown and President Barack Obama “No fracking in California! No fracking anywhere! “

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