What struck me most about this incredible reporting from the Center for Public Integrity, InsideClimate News, and The Weather Channel was the segment that begins with an interview with Neil Carman, formally with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. He said that he “dealt with over a thousand citizen complaints. I concluded that when citizens complained about air pollution, they were always right. There was a problem.”  

The industry comes back saying that the data doesn’t show a threat to public health.

Then, Jim Morris, the reporter from the Center for Public Integrity, highlights that the proper data collection that would prove what residents believe is happening is indeed happening isn’t currently being done.

We’ve seen so many similar situations all across the country while investigating for Gasland and Gasland Part II. People know there’s something wrong. Their bodies are telling them something is not right.  Their families have lived on the same land for generations and they are seeing the changes. Every part of them, from their minds, to their eyes, to their guts from their burning throats, nose bleeds, and migraines, is screaming “something is wrong”

I trust these families. I trust them more than the industry. I trust them more than the politicians.

And I trust that you can make a difference. No news report or scientific study is going to make an impact unless you act.

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-Lee Ziesche, Gasland Grassroots Coordinator