I’m calling on Governor Hickenlooper to immediately enact a statewide ban on all extractive mining operations/Fracking until such time all completed wells in Colorado are just inspected in accordance with flood plain regulations. Current setbacks from water ways have unequivocally proven they do not prevent adverse impacts. This oversight must be immediately addressed on every oil & gas well pad in the state. The horrific environmental and human health catastrophe from the spills & releases from subsurface flow lines, crud oil and  liquid waste tanks must be immediately evaluated and mitigated. There is also a high probability of well casing failures due to the waters seeping down around the annuli and must be an immediate issue of concern.

Pipes were shown broken with what appeared to be bubbling methane releases in numerous areas. The waters are certain to contain BTEX and other dangerous chemicals. Organic farms have been affected by these very waters. Cattle have been pushed up onto small areas with no safe water to drink.

The areas along the South Platte River are destroyed beyond measure and the GOGCC and the industry should be fully held accountable for failing to prevent adverse impacts to the environment and human health.

An immediate statewide moratorium is a sound decision considering the current state rules and regulations are highly inadequate.

Shane Davis
Regional Campaign Director – GASLAND